Since my childhood I had weak teeth, and for me dental visits have always been necessary. 

I had heavy treatments like inserting laces and bridges. After 25 years without problems, it was time to exchange everything I had done so far. 

A great challenge and a venture!  I went to three clinics in Warsaw to get information and I honestly, I was broken up hearing the proposed prices. But as always in my life, nothing happens, without a reason, I happened to meet Mr. Janusz, who also was after difficult "teeth expeirnces”.

He told me and my partner Zbyszek, who also needed a good dentist, the story how he found great dentists in Ukraine.

In the beginning, we were a little afraid, whether it is true and the Ukrainian dentists are on a good level etc .. Nevertheless, we decided to take a chance and honestly it turned out good. I have never come across such a great treatment in Poland. While I was sitting in a dental chair I was served by several doctors. For every complicated procedure another doctor was coming to me. 

Every doctor was a specialist in his field. Fantastic service, approach with great understanding and empathy.


Mr Janusz was always nearby if needed. In the spare time he took us around the city and he was better than the historical guide.

We visited all interesting, historical objects in Rivne. We thank Mr. Janusz and the whole team of doctors in the office.  

The relationship turned out not to be purely medical, when Dr. Olena was on vacation in Poland, we met with her to have a great walk together around Warsaw.