Last year, Janusz Kusz almost fell from the sky in the matter of "healing the teeth", a topic which never existed in our previous relationships.

With the age health problems are beginning to worsen, especially after the turbulent times of artistic life;) 

The conviction of the youth that one is infinitely indestructible is being replaced by the anxiety about the health of the mature years. 

As every young 50-year-old spirit, wishing to still have friends and family I began to review the health  of my body.

Although after the series of tests I got positive information that "the liver is not enlarged";) the state of my teeth and sinuses were the reason of my anxiety and forced me to fast action.


Janusz in a random conversation told me about the possibility of doing a series of treatments in Ukraine in the town of Róvne. He had a lot of experience in this area. It turned out that everything can be done and faster and cheaper than in Poland. The evaluation of the treatments turned out to be almost 3 times lower than the Polish one. Janusz organized a trip to Ukraine, and already there additional (expert) consultations and X-rays on the spot, for which I would have to wait in Poland for months.

Everything went as it should, and my fear of the dentist disappeared somewhere, especially when three friendly dentists were changing at my side for 4 hours with one complicated treatment, while in Poland I was only advised to remove the tooth and insert the expensive implant. 

All neither hurt nor costed much. Over there Dentists do much more to save the teeth because few people can afford implants, and therfore they have a great deal of experience in this area.


I must also mention, what is a great value, of new acquaintances with Ukrainian friends encountered during this escapade.

Since then I have been in Ukraine already a few times, not only for medical purposes but also as a tourist. 

Our common Ukrainian friends also visited Poland more than once, and it was a joy that I could repay for the help they have given us.

I recommend Janka as an advisor and organizer not only on the occasion of all artistic events but also as a professional help in the so-called. Medicinal trips to Ukraine. The quality and professionalism are great , and he services are much cheaper than in Poland.