Frequently Asked Questions


How do we travel?

There are few options, but the most popular among our customers is the cheapest one, which is Bus from West Railway Station. 

The journey takes about 9 hours. Including border control in Dorohusk or Zosin lasting about 2 hours.


Can i take a train?

Yes, there is a convenient night train which goes about 11 hours but is much more expensive than a bus.


Is it safe?

Yes. The War more than 1 000km from the city where we organize medical procedures. People are very friendly, helpful.


What is the level of the medical service?

Dentist, with which we cooperate work in, professionally, well-equipped clinics, on a European level. Materials used in procedures, prosthetics or implantology are also of European, Korean or Japanese origin.


What are the prices?

Much lower than in Poland. Please note that initial estimate of the time and price of the treatment is given by the physician after the pantomogram and the actual imaging of the patient's dentition.


To who do we pay?

For the medical procedures you pay directly at the doctor's office for a real service rendered, for the logistic and other cost you pay us.


Who performs the treatments?

Professional doctors, constantly developing their qualifications on subsequent courses, trainings and conferences throughout Europe. These qualifications are confirmed by the certificates.

Doctors are friendly, very open to the patient.


Where do we will sleep?

We recommend two proven hotels, both located in the very center of the city. The hotels are *** of a normal European standard. For those who are very keen to save, we can suggest renting a flat for the day. The apartments are also in good standard and are also located in the city center.


How do we travel in Rivne?

e usually use Taxis, which are pretty cheap.


Where and what will we eat?

The food is very good and the prices are low. There are good restaurants, bars.


What about free time after the treatments?

We'll take care of everything! The town is attractive and slightly exotic. There are concerts, exhibitions, vernissages. There are also several tourist attractions such as the Old Fort of Dubno or the "Tunnel of Love" near the city.