Dental surgery


owner and main doctor

Dr Siergiej


A specialized dental surgery clinic run by surgeons of the highest order. All surgical procedures and implants of people who traveled with us from Poland are done here.

The high standard of used equipment and materials are the same quality as those used in private clinics in Europe.

Both teams work closely together and, if necessary, also offer the required consultation with the laryngologist.


Smiling doctors, with care to improve, save, and sometimes even recover the full and beautiful smile of the patient. Full trust and guarantee for services rendered!


Dental surgery

Surgical procedures performed in the clinic include:

  • Surgical consultation

  • full radiological diagnosis

  • collection of material for histopathological examination

  • full range of extraction: milk teeth, permanent teeth

  • surgical removal of teeth completely and partially retained

  • full range of extraction: milk teeth, permanent teeth

  • treatment of complicated abscesses

  • hemisectomy, that is, removal of local roots from roots under root anesthesia while leaving remaining roots in the mouth

  • Root apex root resections

Surgery of bone tissue, including:

- reconstruction of bone defects

- bone grafts

- extending and expanding the bone process

- Varicose implants of maxillofacial surgery


  • Microsurgical treatments on soft tissues, eg, connective tissue transplants, elongation of clinical crowns.




Canal treatment is recommended, among others. as a result of:

- inflammation or pulp necrosis,

- very extensive humus,

- fracture or dislocation of the tooth,

- prosthetic indications, eg before the bridge or crown.