Conservative dentistry, cosmetic and prosthetics.


owner and main doctor

Dr Olena


Conservative dentistry, cosmetic and prosthetics.

Intimate and friendly cabinet equipped with two armchairs and modern dental equipment. Very friendly team of doctors constantly improving their qualifications at many European symposia and conferences. 

Many of Dr. Olena's certifications, who is the owner of the office, demonstrate professionalism and high qualifications on a European level.

Full trust and guarantee for services rendered!


A higher category doctor, member of the dental association of Ukraine. She studied at the Medical University of Lwowicki (1991-1996) where she defended her scientific work in the field of periodontology.

Dr. Olena regularly participates in trainings in Ukraine and abroad (Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany).

She has participated in many scientific conferences and symposia throughout Europe.

Private practice since 2000.




  • control tests

  • treatment of dental caries

  • High loss of light-cured composites

  • reconstruction of the tooth crown with suitable composite materials

  • Endodontic treatment - canal treatment

  • cosmetic dentistry: veneers, bridges, crowns and teeth whitening.                                                                                           



  • Coronary crowns - a supplement associated with a significant loss or loss of the crown of the tooth.

  • Bridges prosthetics - prosthetic restorations associated with the filling of gaps or gaps.

  • Dental prostheses - a supplement that rebuilds a part or all of a damaged dental arch.

  • Veneers - a thin ceramic insert on the front teeth. Used mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Prosthetic implants:


  • full range of prosthetic crowns

  • bridges (including all-ceramic bridges)

  • overdenture prostheses

  • Total prostheses on locators


Fixed Assets:


  • porcelain crowns on the base of zirconium oxide

  • Porcelain crowns on metal base

  • Composite crowns

  • crowns uniformly metallic

  • telescopic crowns

  • acrylic crowns

  • ceramic inlay / onlay / overlay

  • composite veneers

  • porcelain veneers

  • full range of crown-root cartridges.


Mobile refills:


  • acrylic prostheses

  • Immediate prostheses

  • skeletal dentures (braces and non-clamp)

  • overdenture prosthesis